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21 September, 2017
New World – Park Safe Experience


Park Safe Experience


Supermarket carparks are often grimy, forbidding places. But they are also customers' first and last impression of the brand. So we introduced Park Safe, a safety-first wayfinding design system for New World.

The programme is designed to achieve two goals: to communicate New World's high level of care for the safety of their shoppers and to broaden the footprint of the brand by welcoming shoppers before they enter the store and as they leave.

The Park Safe programmed includes a bright new and highly visible red and white colour coding system that is applied to signage, pedestrian crossings and walkways.

Features of the programme include padded trolley bays to protect car doors and people alike and wide, painted pedestrian walkways to easily navigate the path from car to store. All signage is formed from moulded plastic which is both friendly in appearance as well as if you bump into it.


Paul Jones, photography.