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21 September, 2017
TSB Bank – Bank Better. New brand campaign from TSB Bank.


TSB Bank have a genuine point of difference to the all the other high street banks. They are independently New Zealand owned. This means they can make their own decisions based on what's best for their customers, rather than overseas owners. It gives them a genuine customer focus that the other banks inherently cannot claim.

We dramatized a key moment in the bank's history -- their historic decision in 1986 not to follow the government's wish for them to merge with eleven other independent banks to form one large 'trust bank'. They knew, ultimately, it wouldn't be in the best interest of their customers. Despite enormous pressure to get in line, they stood their ground. Their bravery paid off. Within years the merged trust bank was sold off to the Australian banks. Meanwhile TSB Bank prospered, growing its branch network and customer base across the country. They are one of New Zealand's biggest business success stories

The brand TV ad is supported by a nationwide billboard campaign, press, digital and a tier of 15" Rate and Customer Benefit ads.