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21 September, 2017
Gravity Coffee – The Gravity Coffee run goes live


Imagine it's your first day at work as an intern for a radio station. The DJs ask you to make a round of coffees. They don't like what you make - so they send you to El Salvador.

This is what we set up for Gravity Coffee's latest marketing campaign. The stunned intern, Kirstie Stanway, had just one week to fly to El Salvador to find the beans, bring them back to Gravity HQ in Auckland to learn the art of roasting, get barista training then return to the radio station and make 'the coffee of her life'.

With radio partner More FM, we meticulously planned the event, starting with placing ads to recruit an intern.

Every moment of the week was filmed, and each of the five days of the week we ran a new TV ad (at exactly the same time, before and after the evening news) following her progress. It was like a mini-series during the ad breaks.

New footage was uploaded to Gravity's facebook page each day, along with a blog post from Kirstie. More FM ran promos each day and did a live cross each morning to Kirstie (yes, satellite phones work in the remotest reaches of El Salvador).

It was an engaging and fresh way to show Gravity's coffee making credentials.