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21 September, 2017
About Special

Special Group are a creatively led independent advertising and design agency. We started in September 2007. The four partners bring together many years experience gained from diverse global markets - New Zealand, Amsterdam, London and the US.

Our ethos is simple. To produce world class advertising and design work for our clients, out of the stunning environment of Auckland. And in a way that strips away the operational layers of a traditional big agency.

Here is our 30 second pitch...

We firmly believe that creative thinking transforms businesses. We don't do anything by halves. We aim to make as big an impact on the market on behalf of our clients as is humanly possible. We create content that gets lots of attention and works exponentially harder than the media spend alone. No-one has money to waste, so we make everything count.

By weaving intuitive and engaging ideas through everything we do, we give our clients as much momentum as possible.

Their success is our success.

What else? We like to work directly with our clients. We just seem to get much better results that way.

If you'd like the rest of the pitch, call or email us now.